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Your Riverkeeper has filed a complaint against the City of Dothan for violations of the Clean Water Act.


To read the entire complaint,

click  here.


Choctawhatchee Riverkeeper Programs

Waterkeepers are fearless advocates for our waterbodies.  We step in to protect our rivers, streams, bays, bayous and basins when governmental agencies are unable, due to lack of resources, or unwilling, due to external pressures. 


All Waterkeeper programs have some common elements. These include patrolling, responding to citizen pollution concerns and complaints, water quality monitoring, reviewing permits and permit compliance, agency monitoring and administrative actions, water resource education, enhancing non-consumptive water-based recreation and when necessary to protect the resource, legal action using the Clean Water Act and other legal tools.



CRK patrols the watershed regularly via canoe or

kayak and motor vehicle and periodically via airplane. In addition to patrolling streams and rivers CRK patrols construction sites and reports permit violations.


Citizen Complaints:

Concerned citizens can submit complaints via phone (334-807-1365) or e-mail. CRK responds as promptly as possible to concerns and complaints. Please help assure that your complaint is investigated by providing your contact information. If you want your information to be kept anonymous it will be.


CRK monitors about 50 stream and river sites every other month for a set of chemical and physical parameters. Periodically, CRK monitors stream site that have significant recreational use for bacteriological contamination. Additionally, a number of wadeable stream and river sites are monitored for stream health every year or two using macroinvertebrate bioassessment .


Permits and Permit Tracking:

CRK reviews and comments on many new or reissued wastewater and other water quality permits. It checks Livestock in riverbeds:  The EPA states that agriculture has a greater impact on stream and river contamination than any other nonpoint source. Grazing, particularly improper grazing of riparian areas can contribute to nonpoint source pollution.  for violations by reviewing discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) reported by permit holders.




Agency Monitoring and Administrative Actions: 

An important job for a Waterkeeper is to take action that leads to responsible local, state and federal agencies to meet their responsibilities to protect water, aquatic life, and public health. CRK accomplishes this part of its mission by actively working for reform of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) as a member of the ADEM Reform Coalition. CRK also works with the Alabama Stormwater Coalition for better regulation of stormwater, both municipal stormwater runoff and construction site stormwater.



CRK has worked with others to help deliver local groundwater festivals – educational events for 4th grade students and provides education opportunities through collaboration with a number of state and local entities.


Recreational Enhancement:

To date CRK has done regular cleanups in high use stream access points and locations. CRK is looking for grant opportunities that would allow it to partner with local governments and others to improve stream access.


Legal Action:

CRK has filed 60-day notices under the CWA and these have had the desired result of getting the responsible agencies to enforce the law albeit slowly. In the future CRK will increasingly partner with other organizations to file 60-day notices and Annual watershed clean-up events engages our membership and gives us an opportunity to educate the public on the importance of the Choctawhatchee River.follow up with litigation if needed.



Special Program:

For a number of years CRK has taken the lead opposing an ill-conceived, unneeded and destructive reservoir proposal. This effort will continue so long as there are proposals for destroying a river or stream and other alternatives including efficiency, conservation and less destructive alternatives have been exhausted.





Aerial patrol of the watershed reveals poor forestry practices on this site.

Poor oversight of stormwater runoff creating major sediment problems throughout the watershed.


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